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  • How much is the monthly board?
    Nichols sporthorse retirement costs $500 per month.
  • What does it include?
    Firstly, peace of mind knowing care is all inclusive and is tailored to the needs of the individual animal. Horses drink artisian water from 90-gallon well. Feed includes hay, natural prairie grass, nutritional supplements, sweet feed mash (if required), and probiotics and electolytes as needed. Other amenties and services include winter blanketing, shelters, worming, hoof-trimming, vaccinations and basic vet care.
  • Where the heck is Big Arm, Montana?"
    We are located in Northwest Montana at the southern arm (thus the name) of Flathead Lake, the largest inland body of water in the Western United States. Considered the 'banana belt' both Big Arm National Park and Glacier National Park services winter their mules and horses adjacent to our land. What, you ask, is a 'banana belt'? It's a part of a larger geographic region that has warmer weather conditions than the overall area, particularly in the wintertime. We'd say we're prettier than a postcard, but that doesn't begin to describe to natural beauty of Northwestern Montana.
  • It's cold in the winter, isn't it?"
    Well, yes. But our land in located in a geographic area that is shielded from the harshest Montana winter conditions. Warm drinking water is available and horses are blanketed in the wintertime. In fact, the Montana State Parks departments winters approximately 50 - 60 horses and mules in the nearby vicinity.
  • Do I have to sign an agreement?
    Yes, we have a boading style agreement. You can move your horse anytime but we require a thirty day notice. But why would your horse ever want to leave? We haven't met one yet.
  • Can I visit my horse?
    Of course! The area offers a world class skiing in the winter time and Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake and Big Arm National Parks are all popular international destinations. Big Arm is served by Glaciar Park International Airport located less than 50-miles north of Nichols Ranch. Come to Montana and discover the wonders of the west while stopping in to see an old friend.
  • Why do I hear about retired sporthorses getting injured?
    They might be old, but they're still athletes. One of the things we pride ourself on is our fencing designed to reduce injuries when our older equine friends decide to test out the old skill set. Aside from avoidable suffering, major injuries often incur large, unexpected vet bills. While it's impossible to guarantee your horse will never get hurt, we have a great track record for safety.
  • What doesn't it include?
    Major shoeing, major injuries and illnesses. Also, we offer respectful end of life care and final plans. Animals are interned with dignity on our property.
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