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"I'm at a stage in life when caring for retired sport horses is my dream."        —Nick Nichols, Owner

Nick Nichols was on the forefront of the introduction of European Warmblood horse importation into the US in the late 1980s.  A world class farrier running a quarantine facility on the east coast, Nick was the first to see that horseshoes available for the lighter weight, smaller American Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses weren't suitable for the heavier sport horses.  Assisting Paul Schockemohle with his burgeoning  business importing show jumpers from Germany, Nick began by hand-forging horseshoes for Warmbloods, eventually  working with top trainers and riders in the Jumper, Hunter and Dressage disciplines. Today, Schockemoehle's import/export business is the largest in the world. 



Located at the base of Flathead Lake, the largest inland body of water in the Western United States, Nichols Ranch is a world class equine retirement and rehabilitation center.  We specialize in taking care of the needs of hunter/jumper horses and other disciplines during their retirement years. We also offer rehabilitation for time off or therapy done in conjunction with your vet.  We have  a cold laser,  magnetic therapy, and hot and cold compression.

Our clients are people who understand and appreciate our capabilities. Drawing on his background as a world class farrier with a deep knowledge base of equine care,  Nick understands that owners of sport horses make a life long commitment.  Nichols Ranch offers the lifestyle and personalized care that your equine family members deserve .


The natural prairie grass grown in the Flathead Lake 'banana belt' is renowned for its uncanny nutritional value. While prairie grass might not seem like a deep topic, it happens to be and Nick is happy to talk with you about the extraordinary natural feed that grows on his land.  

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